Wednesday, November 17, 2004

H.O.P.E. IS ON THE WAY: Fair readers, I give you H.O.P.E. (that's the "Horrifed Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment"). Among H.O.P.E.'s recent activities?

1. Offering an exchange service for owners of "low entertainment quality" CD's from Ashlee Simpson and other comparable artists for "one of a higher entertainment quality" courtesy of Rhino Records. Given that I (sadly) own a copy of Creed's "Human Clay," can I trade it in and get "Smile?"

2. Protesting Paris Hilton's book tour, with the slogan of "Read a Book, Don't Write One!" Other signs waved included "Why Are You Famous?," "Prose Before Ho's," and "You Can't Buy Brain Cells."

3. And, yes, protesting to make sure viewers were informed about the low quality of the film "Taxi."

More information is available in this news article. Suggested future targets for H.O.P.E. seem likely to include "Christmas With The Kranks," the new book and Christmas album from Clay Aiken, and all things relating to VH1's series "The Surreal Life." You know of things that H.O.P.E. should target? That's what the comments are for.

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