Tuesday, November 16, 2004

THE TODDLER-PARENT-NO-FAMILY-IN-TOWN-BABYSITTERS-REALLY-EXPENSIVE OSCARS(r): With Ray kicking off the Oscar(r)-begging season, Spacewoman and I are handicapping the Spacescars -- like the Oscars(r), only limited to movies we've seen. Using the comma in this sentence as the point at which there will be no more ado, the big winners:
Best Animated Feature: The Incredibles
Best Animated Short Subject: Boundin'
Best Picture: Mean Girls
Best Foreign-Language Film: That part of Mean Girls where Lacey Chabert speaks Chinese*

The nominees in each category were, respectively: The Incredibles, Boundin', Mean Girls, and Mean Girls. I'm not giving out any acting awards yet, but if I were, I would strongly urge Tim Meadows to show up.

But surely you have better suggestions in this Oscar(r)-poor year. Do you agree with the radio men that there are no real Oscar(r)-worthy films this year? Tell it to the comments.

*Edited to reflect Matt's comment that Hero is not eligible in the foreign-language film category this year.

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