Monday, January 11, 2010

GUESS WHO'S HERE TO TALK ABOUT THE PAST? Mark McGwire admits to using human growth hormone and steroids during his career.


  1. MidwestAndrew8:22 PM

    .... But they didn't work! And he didn't like them! And they didn't taste like candy!

    Clearly biceps the size of Buicks are natural, not PED-influenced!

  2. Stacie from St. Louis9:37 PM

    I have such mixed feelings about this.  It's disappointing that he did it, frustrating that he lied for so long, but he'll always be the guy who re-energized my interest in baseball!  The '98 season was a lot of fun.  It'll be interesting to see how he's received at Busch Stadium this spring.

  3. spacewoman10:58 PM

    This seemed like a no-brainer move.  Since everybody knew he did steroids, duh, the only thing he was doing by not talking about it was giving people something to talk about ("Mark McGwire won't admit he took steroids") and a punch line (the title).  As Deadspin pointed out, his estranged brother, Jay, was right when he said that McGwire should have just owned up to it in the first place -- people who came clean then don't get talked about so much now.

  4. isaac_spaceman10:59 PM

    Please assume that all baseball or football comments from Spacewoman are, in fact, from me.

  5. Meghan11:20 PM

    Breaking: Water is wet!

  6. kevbo nobo7:13 AM

    Was there at Busch when he hit 56 or 57.  The stadium had an electric charge to it.  What wilfull blindness I had then.  Now I can't be sure of anyone who played in the 90's.  Not even Big Frank.

  7. Oh so that was it.  Yesterday I was staggered by what I took to be a great disturbance in the Force, as if a billion voices simultaneously cried out "Yeah?  Duh." and then went back to what they were doing.