Monday, January 11, 2010

I SUPPOSE IT'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR HELEN KUSHNICK TO HAVE PLANTED THE LATTER STORY: More TCA News -- Bravo has officially announced the Top Chef: People Who Can Actually Make Desserts spinoff (to be hosted by Gail Simmons), with Top Chef Masters II starting on April 7. In other news (possibly regarded as spoiler to some regarding a beloved NBC sitcom, so highlight the blank spaces), Kathy Bates will be joining The Office for a multi-episode arc as the head of the secretive company which takes over Dunder Mifflin.


  1. Jenn.3:23 PM

    The fact that people like Gail more than Toby is not actually a sign that she would be liked as a host.  It seems more like a reflection of the fact that people don't actually like Toby.

  2. The gossip blogs have reported that Gail is one of the nicest and sweetest folks on set, while Padma is a bit of a diva.  That's probably why.