Tuesday, January 12, 2010

HOW I STILL DIDN'T MEET YOUR MOTHER: I'll leave most of the discussion of the production number to the production-number-lovers. I have but two observations from last night's HIMYM:
  1. In any singing/dancing number, it is impossible to turn away from Jason Segel. He is not a good singer or dancer, but he is funnier with less effort in song than anyone who comes to mind right now.
  2. Your Mother is cooler than Ted by several orders of magnitude, and out of his league by a comparable margin (as, obviously, is Rachel Bilson).


  1. Carmichael Harold1:37 PM

    I was thoroughly underwhelmed by last night's episode, which is shocking considering I am pretty sure I'd be properly whelmed by watching Rachel Bilson stare at grass or by NPH singing about RB staring at grass. 

    I think the problems for me were (a) that Future Ted's constant interruptions of Present Ted's scenes were annoying, one-note, and killed the scenes' momentum, and (b) that somehow the Robin/Barney pairing has made recidivist Barney less believable.  I'm not sure why this is.  I had no real interest in the Robin/Barney relationship, so I don't think it's sour grapes, but somehow Barney, always a bit a cartoon, no longer seems like a character with even a single foot in reality to me. . . and, even worse, that seems to have affected my enjoyment of the show.

  2. Jason Segel tries and has an "aw, shucks" tone about his trying.  That's what makes him funny in almost everything.

    The actor that plays Ted really can't dance.

  3. Meghan (a different one)1:57 PM

    This is going to sound absolutely horrible...so I'm going to preface it by saying I think Cobie Smulders is amazing...but did anybody else think that the suit was a horrible wardrobe choice? The shape of the suit was awful, and she looked like she was sporting a mullet. Ick.

  4. Squid2:02 PM

    Not to mention that her necktie came down to her knees.

    It points at your naughty bits, people; it doesn't cover them!

  5. Andrew2:18 PM

    The more the show is actually about Ted meeting Your Mother, the less entertaining it is. 

  6. jcpbmg2:31 PM

    I too was very underwhelmed and I have to admit I didn't find the musical number as funny as I wanted to

    Also did anyone else feel like Bilson was playing that role with a lot ofc Summer (and I'm not saying that was a bad thing)

  7. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Both the women could have had better fitting suits, I thought.  But, you're right, Smulders's was particularly unflattering.

  8. calliekl2:49 PM

    Sorry for the threadjack, but I just wanted to say that the proposal on House last night was both unexpected and hilarious. Also, Ethan Embry looks so much the same as he did on Empire Records, although last night he was much less mosh-y than he was then.

    But I know I'm one of only a few who watch House. But it's been pretty good. And I read on ew that they got Michael Straithairn (sp, I'm too lazy to look it up) for the Hugh Laurie-directed episode, which should be awesome.

  9. I think the women's pants were tapered?  They did look awful.  Maybe they bought matching men's suits and tried to lightly tailor them.

  10. Watts3:20 PM

    In the case of Smulders, it was pulling across the front of her hips in a most unflattering way.  It made her look like she had FUPA and I am very sure she does not.

  11. Genevieve5:03 PM

    I loved the musical number - I wish the episode had been full of them, but it worked as a culmination.  NPH hanging from a streetlight a la Gene Kelly is a beautiful sight.  Jason Segal's goofy little dance steps were fun and NPH was just terrific through all of it.

    Didn't mind the "The Mother is my roommate" plot, though I didn't adore it.  The hot bartender plot didn't do much for me in and of itself, but it was funny forcing Barney into his old stoner T-shirts and making him hang longingly onto Marshall's suit.

  12. I too wish the whole episode had been more singing and dancing. I want NPH and Jason Segal to sing all their lines from now on.

    And since we are being shallow, and since Calliekl threadjacked, can I just say that I thought Chase was one of the best looking men on tv...and then he cut his hair. The remark House made was great, as always, but a small piece of my heart died last night.

  13. NPH and Jason Segal have such great chemistry. 

    Overall wasn't thrilled with the episode, but a) glad the mother isn't Rachel Bilson (she's adorable, but seemed weird for Ted) and b) liked seeing the yellow umbrella make an appearance. 

  14. Maret9:33 PM

    I know this has been posted on here before, but any mention of MPH and Jason Segal singing must include this clip of them singing from Les Mis on Megan Mullaly's (sp?) talk show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhXsJjVdj1E

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