Monday, May 10, 2010

RANDY ADDS ENTERTAINMENT VALUE TO THE SHOW -- STRONGLY DISAGREE, DISAGREE .... American Idol is conducting an online survey of its viewers which suggests interesting directions in which next season might go.


  1. Bashing Kara and Randy through a simple survey was oddly cathartic. 

  2. girard3110:34 AM

    While I like Ellen's on her own show, she bugged me on Idol. Overexposure maybe?

  3. Amen to that, although I have to admit that I gave Kara some higher marks than the other judges---I think that she's annoying but has often had some good critiques this year.   I also enjoyed being able to say that I wanted less focus on the judges, and that I watch Idol for the contestants.

    I do wish that they'd had more "explain your answer" stuff for some of the questions.  There are some themes that I don't like because they are too unfocused, and others that I don't like because they are too old.  Basically, if they could have one "old" or theatrical week every year, and then have the rest of the themes be more focused, I'd be happier than this year.

  4. isaac_spaceman10:56 AM

    You can do one of two things with a survey like this.  You can use it to confirm what you already want to do anyway, or you can use it to get terrible ideas about what you should do.  Even when people vote for what they think they want, often it's not what they really want.  This is why people who make TV should listen to what the fans are saying about the past but not necessarily do whatever the fans want them to do with the future. 

  5. The Pathetic Earthling11:00 AM

    Sorry, I love me some Randy Jackson.  But strictly because I'm a Blue Oyster Cult fan and he laid down the bass line for one of my favorite BOC tunes:

  6. Focus Group Guy: [after showing the kids some Itchy & Scratchy cartoons] Okay, how many of the kids would like Itchy & Scratchy to deal with real life problems like the ones you face every day?
    [the kids cheer]
    Focus Group Guy: And who would like to see them do just the opposite, getting into far-out situations involving robots and magic powers.
    [the kid kids cheer again]
    Focus Group Guy: So you want a realistic down-to-earth show that's completely off the wall and swarming with magic robots?
    [the kids all chat at once about it being a great idea]
    Milhouse Van Houten: And, also, you should win things by watching.
    Focus Group Guy: [sighs]
    Roger Myers Jr.: [turns off the mirror disguise in the window] You kids don't know what you want. That's why you're still kids, 'cause you're stupid. Just tell me what's wrong with the freakin' show!
    [turns the mirror back on]
    Ralph Wiggum: [starts crying] Mommy!
    Lisa Simpson: Um, excuse me, sir. The thing is, there's not really anything wrong with the Itchy & Scratchy Show. It's as good as ever. But after so many years, the characters just can't have the same impact they once had.
    Roger Myers Jr.: [turns the mirror off again] That's it. That's it, little girl. You've saved Itchy & Scratchy!
    Blue-haired Lawyer: [holding out a piece of paper to Lisa] Please sign these papers indicating that you did not save Itchy & Scratchy.

  7. Jenn.1:27 PM

    I would be down with Randy Jackson laying down some bass lines for plenty of other artists, rather than being on Idol. 

  8. Jenn.3:23 PM

    Well, then, let's hope that Idol already wants to reduce the focus on the judges and improve the quality of the contestants and the themes and this survey confirms the attractiveness of those big picture concepts.  [Fingers crossed.]

  9. StvMg5:56 PM

    I actually gave good reviews to Kara's performance. She's the only judge I've liked this season. I had no problem bashing Randy, and by this point it seems pretty apparent that the Ellen experiment wasn't a success.

  10. gretchen10:02 PM

    I do think the themes have been really bad this year -- Shania Twain week? Elvis week? Frank Sinatra? Seriously? Not good themes.