Monday, February 28, 2011

THE QUEST FOR THE NEXT SUNDANCE HEAD: Rather than form our own, please join me in entering -- and then dominating -- the What's Alan Watching? league in the HitFix American Idol fantasy contest.

As I noted on Alan's blog, the question is whether all the structural changes -- new judges, Jimmy Iovine, Bieber Rule, Facebook voting and the "you can stay within your genre" theme weeks to come -- will be meaningful enough to overcome a voting audience which likes its Unthreatening White Boys With Guitars Who Seem To Improve During The Competition very much, thank you.


  1. tortoiseshelly11:43 AM

    So have you created an ALLOT5MA league for us to join? If so, do we need a password? (I noted Alan's league has a password, which is why I ask.)

  2. No -- let's just crash and dominate Alan's league.

  3. tortoiseshelly12:13 PM

    Okay. Couldn't tell if you meant rather than create our own fantasy contest or own league. Thanks!

  4. Robin4:21 PM

    Am I the only person who felt terribly racist creating her ranking? But I mean, I watched the semis last year. And I want to win. So I nudged every contestant of color who is not Julie Zorilla down a place or two.

  5. Just a place or two?  I'm heavily white-duded.