Tuesday, March 1, 2011

IT STILL HAS ALMOST AS MUCH PLOT CONTINUITY AS A NORMAL EPISODE:In an effort to milk a few more bucks out of girls at slumber parties, the producers of Glee are releasing a Season 1 DVD that's nothing but two hours of the musical numbers from season one, without the annoying talking or plot. It's heavily focused on kid-driven numbers ("Alone," "Gold Digger," the "Don't Stand So Close To Me" mashup, and "Vogue" are the only adult-driven songs), and short on Matthew Morrison rapping, which is probably a good thing.


  1. isaac_spaceman10:42 AM


  2. I admit it--I enjoy Matt Morrison rapping. And I kind of wish I had known about this before, because I've been lamenting that you have to get through the episodes on the DVD to see the songs.