Friday, April 13, 2012

AND THE BAND PLAYED ON:  Ben Zimmer traces the history of various phrases associated with the Titanic disaster.


  1. I think he forgot "I make my own luck!"

  2. Meghan7:37 PM

    Uh, what about, "I'm king of the world!"?  

    Seriously, "rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic" has long been a favorite for me.  

  3. Joan H.3:21 AM

    My daughter and I were horrified at the Titanic-themed display in the children's section at Barnes & Nobel today.  A Titanic alphabet book, really?  There were picture books and story books and nonfiction works as well aimed at ages 3-10.  I don't get it.  Do 3 year olds need to learn new alphabet words based on a cruise ship tragedy?  Are we going to get a 9-11 alphabet and picture books 50 years on?

    No wonder publishing is dying out.

  4. So wait, the Titanic was real? Not just a movie?

  5. Jordan11:47 AM

    Wasn't there something already with a 9/11 coloring book?  I don't really remember the specifics, but I remember there being a fairly negative reaction to it.  So hopefully we've got some time before someone tries that again.

    As for the ship, I think the name was fine, because as we know from mythology, the titans were huge and powerful and nothing bad ever happened to them.

  6. Genevieve12:14 PM

    Upper elementary grades, I've got no problem with (ages 9 and up), and I know there's some very strong Titanic nonfiction and poetry out for that age.  Some kids that age are very interested in that kind of thing.   But preschool? alphabet book?  That's just . . . ewwwww.