Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NOT CATCHING A PAYCHECK: So, director/co-screenwriter Gary Ross, citing overly short prep time, will not be returning to Catching Fire.  With Lionsgate already having announced a release date of Thanksgiving 2013, and a hard start required in August due to Jennifer Lawrence's committment to X-Men First Class 2, there no way to push things back, and there's a finished script from Oscar winner Simon Beaufoy allegedly ready to go.  It's less than surprising, given that Ross has directed 3 films in 15 years (and easily could have had his pick of paycheck projects after the success of Seabiscuit).  I'd be intrigued to see them hand some reins over to Steven Soderbergh, who directed parts of the second unit for Hunger Games, but expect that they'll hand the reins over to a fairly bland journeyman who's shown ability to bring things in on time and under budget, which could be unfortunate.  There've been some interesting suggestions--Patty Jenkins (canned from Thor 2), Kathryn Bigelow (who can certainly do the action and psychological stuff), and Alfonso Cuaron (who elevated the Potter franchise).  Hopefully, they'll come up with someone interesting that gives us a film as solid as the first one was.


  1. Joseph J, Finn11:20 PM

    Robert Rodriguez!

    Seriously, hear me out.  Can work with children and teenagers, comes in under time and under budget by everything I've heard and having a completed script and a studio that's going to keep a closer eye means he could be saved from his less helpful impulse (see everything involved with Planet Terror).  Wouldn't hurt to have him in for a meeting and see if he's interested.

  2. While Catching Fire is a lot weirder than the first book, it still needs to be grounded somewhat in reality, and Rodriguez is not so good with that. 

    Outside the box?  Danny Boyle--can do action, but not sure how budget-friendly he'd be.

  3. Joseph J, Finn11:42 PM

    Boyle can also direct children; Millions is an under appreciated piece of work.  That's not a bad idea at all.

  4. One thing to remember is that because of how Catching Fire is set up, the need for someone who can work with kids is much diminished from the first film.  It's also a much effects-heavier film than the first one was, so they'll want someone who can do that.  (The nightmare?  Brett Ratner or McG.)

    Of course, Summit has had big success with revolving door directors on Twilight (and has arguably traded up in quality each time).

  5. slowlylu1:30 AM

    Danny Boyle is in post-production for Trance but doesn't seem to have anything else lined up post then. The other option is that McGuigan director from Sherlock/Dr Who. I'd also consider Philip Noyce or one of the directors from Fringe. 

  6. isaac_spaceman1:04 PM

    This movie is practically begging for Garry Marshall.  I would mock up the poster but I'm too lazy. 

  7. Diane8:33 PM

    I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the news that Steven Soderbergh was the second unit director. Anybody have the story on this?

  8. Slowlylu9:17 PM

    The AV Club mentioned in their Newswire at the time of shooting. Particularly as he had announced his "retirement" from film making at the same time.