Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SO ESTRANGED: Guns N' Roses was an easy induction for the Rock Hall of Fame, but frontman (and only remaining member from the glory days) Axl Rose has not only said he won't be attending, but in an open letter, objects to being inducted at all.  The basis for his objection is not that he doesn't think he's worthy or awesome, but is apparently that either (a) the Guns N' Roses to be inducted should specifically exclude the bandmates he's currently feuding with and include current members or (b) that he should be the sole inductee.  Both positions are fairly ludicrous, since the other members of GN'R co-wrote much of the classic material and shaped its sound and pretty much no one (aside from Axl) seems to particularly like the current incarnation of the band.  Will be interesting to see how they handle this one.

ETA:  Apparently, contrary to Axl's wish, he will be inducted in absentia, with former lead guitarist Slash accepting on behalf of the band.


  1. Jordan6:25 PM

    It seems pretty easy. Induct the Appetite/Illusion lineups. If he doesn't show, he won't be the first.  Assuming Steven Adler isn't upto performing, put Velvet Revolver on stage with Izzy playing rhythm guitar.  Rotating 80s/90s stars at lead singer.

  2. I don't think anyone (save perhaps Axl) contends that a lineup other than Rose, Slash, McKagan, Stradlin, Adler should be the inductees for the band.  The question is whether you honor Axl's request that he not be inducted.

  3. Duvall6:39 PM

    How has the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame handled bands with rotating lineups in the past?  Seems like it should be all or nothing, though inviting only the "classic" lineups to the induction ceremony seems reasonable.

  4. Whatever solution provides the least attention to / exposure for Axl will really be in everybody's best interest.

  5. A few examples:

    Black Sabbath--inductees are Osborne, Butler, Iommi, Ward
    Fleetwood Mac--Inductees are Nicks, Fleetwood, John and Christine McVie, Lindsay Buckingham, Peter Green, Danny Kirwan, and Jeremy Spencer
    Eagles inducted everyone who'd ever been in the band

    Basically, it's "who's a member of the band during peak period," and not including everyone ever involved necessarily.

  6. isaac_spaceman7:59 PM

    The band that gets inducted actually should just be called "'n' Roses," and it should just be Axl's a cappella screeching that gets honored, maybe with Lana del Rey singing monotone harmony.  "They" (by which I mean "he") will show up for the induction ceremony exactly thirteen hours after they are scheduled to give their speech, wearing a mink coat cropped at the ribs and a pair of bicycle shorts with LA Gear high-tops.  Also cornrows.  The band that performs as "nR" will be Axl Rose, Lenny Waronker, Russ Titelman, Bruce Hornsby, and Carmine Appice. 

    If Slash shows up, he will cut his hair and ditch the hat, and people will finally realize that he's just Bowser from ShaNaNa. 

  7. Jordan8:20 PM

    They're going in for four albums (Appetite, Lies, Illusion I & II).  Four of the guys are the same on all four peak (87-93, or so) albums.  Matt Sorum took over for Adler on the latter two.  Induct the six.