Friday, April 20, 2012

COULD HE BE ANY MORE EXCITED? With news that NBC has made its first pilot pickup for Fall (which will mark Matthew Perry's third post-Friends effort at toplining a show, and also features Broadway favorites Laura Benanti and Julie White), it's time to play "fantasy scheduling."  You have to assume that this will be part of a comedy block including The Office, though I'm wondering if that block gets moved to Tuesdays and they rebuild Thursday from the ground up, especially since it's widely assumed that CBS is going to go with a two hour comedy block anchored by Big Bang and Two Broke Girls on Thursdays into Person of Interest at 10.


  1. Duvall4:37 PM

    <span>Does it matter?  Whatever NBC airs, I'm sure CBS will be able to find some inane stereotype-riddled nonsense to outperform it</span>

  2. If Matthew Perry is booked elsewhere, what happens to his Illinois gubernatorial run?