Friday, April 20, 2012

I'LL TAKE TRACY MORGAN TO BLOCK:  Today's NYT article on MTV2's impending Hip Hop Squares as well as Pyramid host Dick Clark's passing prompts a question: what B- and C-list stars of today would be good contestants on our favorite game shows of yore?  Aziz Ansari in the winners circle on Pyramid? I can see that.

[Also, for the eight people who've seen it, just how good is Twister Lights Out as a challenge on The Hub's Family Game Night? Always brings the drama.]


  1. kd bart8:44 AM

    Kathy Griffin would be a permanent fixture on Hollywood Squares.

  2. I'd expand that to pretty much the entire cast of Parks and Rec.  Except Jerry.  He's awful.  If we're picking one, Ansari or maybe Rashida Jones would be the best bet. 

    I'll also toss out Joel McHale, Dule Hill, and Nathan Fillion as potentially good/entertaining players.

    And not to steal Isaac's thunder, but IIRC, NPH was a very good partner on Million Dollar Password, and I have little doubt he'd be quite good on Pyramid as well.

  3. Joseph J, Finn8:50 AM

    I can run this list just from podcast guests:

    Jon Hamm (he's great every time he's on Doug Loves Movies) on Pyramid

    Graham Elwood on Hollywood Squares

    Samm Levine on Pyramid

    Ti West on What's My Line?

  4. I can see a lot of sitcom stars - especially those who don't play the leads - fitting in perfectly on these shows.  The ones that come to mind first are Jack McBrayer, Ty Burrell, and Sofia Vergara.

  5. christy in nyc11:03 AM

    Maulik Pancholy! Dule Hill! Kristen Schaal! I'm just naming people I like!

    What is today's version of the not-so-smart soap star that you hope not to get paired with? Real Housewives?

  6. Fred App12:27 PM

    Larry David. Because he wouldn't give a sh-t, and would make no attempt to hide his disdain.

  7. KCosmo's neighbor12:29 PM

    Sue...I totally agree with Sofia Vergara. Anyone from Modern Family would be fine by me. I'd love to see Jimmy Fallon too, but he's a busy guy.

    I agree with Christy too--Real Housewives would be perfect. I kind of feel like they should just do the casting for this, Celebrity Apprentice, and Dancing with the Stars all at one time.

  8. Genevieve1:21 PM

    People it would be fun to watch on a game show (some are not really B or C list):  Kristen Bell.  Definitely Dule Hill, Christy.  Maya Rudolph.  Felicity Huffman.  Allison Janney, please.  Joanna Gleason.  Someone from the Brat Pack, maybe Anthony Michael Hall.  Joan Cusack. John Oliver.  America Ferrera.  Stephen Root.  Martha Plimpton.  Chi McBride.  Lee Pace.

    Apropos of this, I'm going to the Jeopardy! Power Players taping tomorrow in DC.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is one of the players, which seems odd in that he doesn't fit the DC-themed group of mostly press and former press secretaries and people who appear regularly on TV (Dr. Oz).  Maybe he has a foundation.  I was bummed to see that we're not there for Anderson Cooper's taping - he'd be my bet to win it.  We're also seeing Chris Matthews, Robert Gibbs, Dana Perino, and two people I don't know, Dana Faber and Lizzie O'Leary.

  9. I'm now picturing Chi McBride being given an impossible category in the Winner's Circle and saying "Oh, Hell No!"

  10. Adam C.2:29 PM

    Li'l Wolverine!!!

  11. Genevieve5:21 PM

    There's definitely some Amazing Race people I would hope not to get paired with.  And anyone who completely bombed on Celebrity Jeopardy! (Curt Schillling, Rob Schneider).

  12. Joseph J, Finn7:04 PM

    Kareem still has one of the greatest gaffs in Jeopardy history." type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="170" height="140

  13. Eric J.8:44 PM

    I want to see Ty Burrell and Sofia Vergara on a new Match Game.