Sunday, April 15, 2012

FARM-RAISED SALMON:  I don't believe I've ever said this about a movie before, but my only real complaint about The Three Stooges is that it doesn't have more celebrity cameos. It's that kind of movie, and I only wish even more names had joined in the fun.

Give credit to the Farrelly Brothers for making a giddy, entirely family-friendly film that keeps the Stooges as they are, and doesn't overdo the cultural dislocation humor or adopt a condescending attitude towards our protagonists. Instead, it's a homage to the Stooges by just doing the kind of movie they'd still be doing today, with cartoonish violence and pratfalls aplenty. No learning, no growing, minimal hugging.

Kudos in particular to all three leads, to Larry David's work as a nun, and to Isaiah Mustafa for continuing to find gainful employment.

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