Tuesday, April 17, 2012

THIS IS WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE WHEN DOVES CRY:  The Artist Formerly Known As The Artist Formerly Known As Prince has been hit with a $3,948,798.58 default judgment for failing to promote a Prince-themed line of perfume as promised. Here's last week's order in Revelations Perfume v. Nelson, and the referee's lengthy decision below is here. Basically, default was entered because Prince's attorneys withdrew, and Prince failed to appear at a required status conference the following month. Go figure. As for the basis for the damages, it's Prince Being Prince:
On or about February 23, 2007, the parties met Prince in Las Vegas to discuss progress of the fragrance and promotion efforts. [Prince's assistant Ruth] Arzate also attended this meeting at which time Prince approved the launch date of July 7, 2007 to take place at Macy's Minneapolis, but he forbade Revelations from using his name or symbol on either the bottle or carton for the fragrance. Revelations alleges that it explained Prince's position was not consistent with previous promises under the License Agreement and would be a huge disadvantage for launching the brand....

The November 2007-meeting does not take place with Prince. Couey and his wife flew to Minneapolis, Minnesota and arrived at Prince's music studio to find no one there. Couey called Arzate. She informed Couey that Prince was expected to be at the studio. However, on a return call from Arzate, she informed Couey that Prince was in New York and would not make the meeting. 

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  1. Adam C.12:51 AM

    The allegation I wish was in the complaint:

    "On or about October 10, 2007, Prince met with Couey outside of Minneapolis and the two took a motorcycle ride to a nearby lake. Prince directed Couey that to continue their business relationship, Couey would need to complete an initiation: he must purify himself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. Couey braved the chill wind, stripped to his underwear and jumped into the nearby lake. When Couey clambered back to shore, Prince smirked and said 'That ain't Lake Minnetonka.' Prince then fled the scene on his motorcycle, leaving Couey behind, humiliated, dripping wet and cold, without a ride, and in fear for his well being."