Thursday, April 19, 2012

COME ON IN, GUYS: Three notes on Survivor, for those still watching this season:


  1. bella wilfer3:09 PM

    It's interesting - Kim's been playing a very strong game, but where she's failed is with some of the challenge strategy.  She uses her money for a shower and for food rather than saving it to block Troyzan from getting the immunity challenge help.  In a previous challenge, she quit early to go eat.  Maybe her argument is that eating keeps her mentally strong and she needs it, but I just think that when you're playing for a million bucks, no piece of food is more delicious than knowing you won't be voted out or that your target will be voted out.  I'm curious who Kim brings to the end - if it's really her/Sabrina/Chelsea in the final 3 I think Sabrina could make a good case to the jury for winning - she's pissed fewer people off, etc.

    As for next season - Adam, what part of the spoiler are you not a fan of? The contestants who are specifically returning? 

  2. I'm fine with the one who's been waiting the longest to return; I'm less interested in seeing the others return. But it's certainly a theme.

  3. Adam C.8:56 PM

    Just caught up on this week's episode, so I was saving reading this post til now. Don't have much to add on the current crop, other than I'm still amazed every season, at nearly every one of these "inflection point" episodes, at the general lack of interest people have in making a move before it's too late.

    I have zero problem with the spoiler rumor - the one who's been waiting the longest definitely deserves it, I have enjoyed #2 on both previous appearances, and #3 is married to one of the staff members at my kids' elementary school, so I have a local rooting interest there.

  4. Adam C.8:58 PM

    Oh, and Troyzan's strategic blunder wasn't limited to the women - he needed to make the final 3 promise to Tarzan too. (Leif was apparently willing to go along without any assurances?)