Monday, July 30, 2012

MR. WORLDWIDE:  The rapper/entrepreneur Pitbull indeed went to Kodiak, Alaska today.


  1. Winner- the Internet

    The best part is that Pitbull took it with the appropriate humor and seriousness.  But David Thorne's Twitter feed was the necessary sarcasm for the day.

    Overall, hilarious.

  2. bill.6:13 AM

    I still can't find the joke in this and have no idea why this was supposed to be funny. Wal-mart got more publicity out of this than they normally would and now I've heard of Pitbull.

    Winner - Wal-mart & Pitbull

  3. Paul Tabachneck10:35 AM

    I'm blown away by Pitbull's poise during this thing, which is something I never thought I would say.

  4. The joke in this is that Pitbull was going to a Walmart, somewhere.  And both were going to get press out of it.  Chances are, he would have gone to an urban Walmart and it would have played out in the usual fashion.  In this one, they pulled Mr. International out of his comfort zone, which is pretty funny.  I also liked that it gave a little fun to a small part of the U.S.  My friend who lives near Kodiak said it was a funny distraction.

  5. Marsha12:10 PM

    What KR said. I'd never heard of Pitbull before and am still not entirely sure who he is, but I have a rather positive opinion of him given how much fun he seems to have had with the whole thing.

  6. bill.4:49 PM

    Out of his comfort zone? It's not a trek down the Amazon, it's a city with running water, an airport, and a Wal-Mart. The only thing I find funny is that in attempting to poke fun at a Wal-Mart promotional stunt David Thorne and SA have provided Wal-Mart and Mr. Pitbull with extra publicity for free. I'm laughing at Thorne.

  7. The Pathetic Earthling6:23 PM

    Yes.  This.  I'm sure I'd prefer Kodiak, AK, to most of those meth lab towns in the Central Valley of California which themselves all have a WalMart