Friday, August 3, 2012

A GUY WHO ONE-SHOTS HIS COFFEE BEFORE IT EVEN COOLS DOWN:  I apologize for having missed the last few scheduled ALOTT5MA Superstar K-POP Friday Jam updates, but when I was sent the link last Friday to PSY's "Gangam Style" video I knew it was time to restart the feature. Still, I wanted to be sure that this was knowing parody from a trickster B.U. grad (with matching lyrics) and not just an example of Westerners being amused by the WTF-ness of it all, and with that all confirmed ... it's Friday, so take some time to rock out, "Gangam Style."


  1. The blowing garbage and that little ride-the-horsey dance never get old somehow.

  2. In fact, it's probably my favorite thing (of it's "kind") since Fatboy Slim's "Push the Tempo".
    ( )