Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SEE ME (THIRTY-THREE YEARS LATER), FEEL ME (OKAY, A LITTLE WRINKLIER NOW):  Thirty-three years ago, as yet unindicted Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci cancelled a scheduled concert by The Who, citing safety concerns after the Cincinnati stampede. The show was not rescheduled. Those still holding onto their tickets for that show, however, can now redeem them for free seats to see the band perform Quadrophenia at the Dunkin Donuts Center in February, and the fourteen 1979 tickets already turned in will be auctioned on eBay for the benefit of Special Olympics of Rhode Island.


  1. Adam C.10:40 AM

    Is the Baked Goods Chain Center the former Providence Civic Center, or a new arena?

  2. Same. It's now connected to the Providence Convention Center, host site of NN12.

  3. kd bart12:03 PM

    Two of the tickets have to belong to Peter and Lois Griffin.

  4. bill.5:23 PM

    and the WKRP episode.

  5. Benner11:33 AM

    I'm sure Nancy Ann Cianci had something to do with this.