Thursday, August 2, 2012

WORSEMINTON: Joe Posnanski with more on the women's doubles badminton scandal:
Badminton instituted this goofy round-robin system that sometimes makes it advantageous for teams to lose. They cannot deny this. Of course, they do anyway. The Badminton World Federation made it clear on Wednesday that while, yes, there have been a couple of kinks, the system has been a big “success.”

Yes, this is like saying that, other than the tiny flaw where there’s an open exhaust port that leads right to [the] reactor that, if hit, would blow up everything, the Death Star was exceedingly well-built....

You have to see the video. Because while all of that is true about the system being bad, and players always looking for ways to get an advantage, there is no way that anyone could overlook the sham of that video. These athletes were thumbing their noses at the Olympics, the fans, the sport. Had they had some fun with it — you know, try a few behind-the-back shots, switched hands, put their partner on their shoulder, used the $1.99 racket you can get at Target, hit the shuttlecock into the crowd — maybe it would have been OK. At least it would have been fun.

But just hitting the shuttlecock into the net again and again, even while the crowd booed, and the officials threatened and the sport they love (a sport that wasn’t exactly a momentous one in the first place) was turned into a mockery — no, that’s not acceptable.


  1. The Pathetic Earthling10:00 AM

    Mrs. Earthling, who holds a varsity letter in badminton, is outraged at what they've done to a sport she did more or less as a lark for two years.

  2. sconstant11:42 AM

    Assuming this is the general olympics chatty thread for the day, I thought this was well done:

  3. Jordan12:00 PM

    It looks like boxing is back to take its crown as the most obviously fixed sport:

  4. Gleemonex12:18 PM

    [still laughing at the headline of this post]


    [five minutes later: stilll laughing]

  5. Nigel from Cameronn12:47 PM

    The JoePa thing has forever ruined <span>Joe Posnanski </span>for me

  6. ChinMusic3:34 PM

    You should probably let him release his book before he is forever ruined.  I don't agree with what he's said and done (and not said and not done) in the Paterno situation, but I believe he had shown a great deal of integrity and honesty (not to mention talent) in his writing through the years and that he has more than earned the benefit of the doubt until his book is published and we can judge him on what he wrote.      

  7. And it only took what, a day?  A few hours?  It's like boxing has something to prove.  Or like shadowy forces decided that the sport as a whole ought to take a dive to shore up faith in badminton.

  8. Apparently, NBC spoiled itself on the nightly news, saying, well, the results are all over social media, so, why not?

    But the last time I checked, my parents don't use twitter, so...