Saturday, August 4, 2012

AMANITA IS THE NAME:  With a silver medal today in the twenty kilometer race-walk (the second most-ridiculous medal sport, because they also do it for fifty), the nation of Guatemala has finally won its first Olympic medal.


  1. Joseph J. Finn9:27 PM

    At least it has a finish line.  Rhythmic gymnastics has no finish line.

  2. Those guys are walking 7-8 min miles, which is substantially faster than I can run. So as much as I think the sport is a bit odd--and they all look like they should be in a Richard Simmons workout video--those guys are moving fast. Plus for Barronodo and for Guatemala, it's a huge deal.

  3. Anthony10:03 PM

    Synchronized swimming? Biathalon? Dressage? That weird half-basketball/half-soccer game? Many more ridiculous sport than one where you simply have to be connected to the tround at all times. Racewalking champion Jefferson Perez is Ecuador's Michael Jordan, as the country's only Olympic medalist (a gold and a silver).