Friday, November 16, 2012

CHUNG CHUNG: Last year, we noted the development of a database chronicling the conviction/outcome rates for Law & Order.  The database is now complete, and shows that yes, in later seasons, the conviction or otherwise clear positive outcome became far more common, either because of DAs Branch and McCoy taking a tougher stance than their predecessors, or more likely, because network pressure led them to decrease the number of morally ambiguous endings.


  1. I thought it was because that one lady was a lesbian?

  2. sepinwall3:10 PM

    The project I still want to see is a timeline placing every scene of the
    series in chronological order based on the timestamps, so we know what
    case Jack and Claire were working on while Logan and Curtis were doing something else, whether two cases were being investigated at the same time, etc.

  3. More likely it was because whoever was running the writers room in the later seasons was a more optimistic person than whoever was running it in earlier seasons. Once a show has been on the air THAT many years and been so successful at making the network money, the showrunners aren't spending a lot time listening to network notes.