Monday, November 12, 2012

FOR ONCE, PLEASE, LET'S HOPE THIS ONE ISN'T TRUE: Kevin Clash, oy veh. I'm glad he has Sesame Workshop's full support.


  1. Tosy and Cosh10:28 AM

    I can't remember when a pop culture news item broke my heart so much. Not because I assume the allegation to be true, but because of how much damage such a scandal can cause either way. "Being Elmo" moved me quite a bit when I saw it, and really made Clash one of the good guys in my book. if he IS a good guy, how sad for him to be tarred like this. If not, how sad on so many levels.

  2. Don't we always hope these things aren't true?

  3. Adam B.10:50 AM

    Not when they involve people we don't like, or the underlying facts are more frivolous.

  4. Marsha11:18 AM

    I would hope that for the sake of the alleged victims, we always hope these things aren't true, no matter how much schadenfreude we might have over the downfall of a person we don't like.

  5. Adam B.11:23 AM

    Point taken, so when I say "more frivolous" I'm really thinking of relatively victimless scandals, the Eddie Murphy sort of thing.

  6. Watts5:29 PM

    For the record: RECANTED.

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