Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WHY DOES THE EMPIRE CARE, ANYWAY, ABOUT REDUCING ITS ORGANIC GARBAGE OUTPUT? Joshua Tyree has some questions about the plausibility and efficiency of the Death Star's trash compactor.


  1. The author fails to appreciate that trash "compaction" is not a single precursor step to ejection of the garbage into space. It's much more likely just the beginning of a longer waste processing that contemplates not just a gross breaking down of physical garbage, but eventual filtering, sorting, reclamation, and recycling.

    Also, the worm creature is a pet somebody flushed. (Duh.)

  2. This article is perfect

  3. bellawilfer12:13 PM

    Phil, you have now made me really sad about the worm creature.

  4. KCosmo1:03 PM

    I need to file this away to frame for my son when he is about 5 years older.

  5. Anonymous5:42 PM

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