Tuesday, November 13, 2012

APPARENTLY, ALOTT5MA NOW HAS A PENNSYLVANIA MINOR-LEAGUE BASEBALL NICKNAME ALTERATIONS DESK: Unwilling to let Reading have all the fun, the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre AAA franchise (formerly the Red Barons, more recently Yankees) appears to be going with Trolley Frogs as its new appellation, beating out Black Diamond Bears, Blast, Fireflies, Lumberchucks, Porcupines, and RailRiders.

What is a Trolley Frog? According to the team, "Known as the 'Electric City,' Scranton is home of America's very first electric trolley car. A trolley frog is not only a mechanical part of a trolley, it takes us into a creative world of frogs, lily pads and snapping tongues."


  1. Marsha11:42 AM

    If the Dodgers are any indication, they will just be the Frogs in a few decades.

  2. Now I want a Dodger-branded form of Frogger for some reason.

  3. Watts5:13 PM

    "Creative world of...snapping tongues"? Dirty, dirty.

  4. isaac_spaceman7:57 PM

    Bad idea. In LA, no frogs ever reach the other side of the street.

  5. Adam C.8:44 PM

    So what minor league nickname do the Marlins get now?

  6. bill.6:28 AM

    Red Tide