Thursday, November 15, 2012

FIGHT THE REAL ENEMY:  A worthier critical target—Drew Magary v. the Williams-Sonoma Catalog.


  1. bill.8:56 AM

    "artisanal meth"

    also, the stuffed rabbit and carrot story in the comments is nice.

  2. "There are trappist monks in the Ozarks? Do they brew artisanal meth? hahahah!

    Also, I had the EXACT same reaction to the wooden acorn twine holder.

  3. A lot of it was the pretty standard Williams-Sonoma overpricing, but one actually ticked me off. Seriously, an extra $100+ to have the chicken painted on the side of the coop?!?

    However, those chocolates do look pretty good.

  4. A confession: we were given the ebelskiver pan for Christmas a year ago. You know what? I effin' love ebelskivers. I mean, pancakes stuffed with Nutella or chocolate or apple butter? Winning!

  5. Heather K12:06 PM

    My aunt and uncle have an ebelskiver pan and make them either friday or saturday after thanksgiving stuffed with my grandmothers homemade blackberry jam and they are AMAZINGLY awesome. Although I am fairly certain you can get the pan for a lot less from ikea.

  6. Chuck1:40 PM

    Wow that was funny stuff.