Thursday, November 16, 2006

AT LEAST, FINALLY, SOMEONE MENTIONED THAT MELROSE WAS DAMN-NEAR FORTY YEARS OLD: It's hard to pick a favorite from the three Top Model challenges which tend to return around this time every season -- Bad Acting Theatre (though nothing beats the Taye Diggs iteration for comedy), TV Commercials In Foreign Language and the TAR-esque Go-Sees In Confusing Foreign City. They're all good, and there's a reason they all come back, cycle after cycle, even though they may have little to do with the qualifications for becoming America's next top model.

Five girls remain, but you only have in your brain one name, and that one name must represent the girl who you believe will be the winner of this cycle of America's. Next. Top. Model. You can only call one name. (Mine remains CariDee.)

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