Wednesday, November 15, 2006

THAT'S IT? The AP has broken the shocking news that the Internet is 1% porn. I'm pretty sure the methodology went like this: get 1000 minimum-wage researchers, tell them to surf the web randomly for a few days, and ask them how many of the sites they saw were NSFW. The result is actually a weighted average of "1%" and "um, let's call it 1%."

The study also finds that the Internet is:
  • 6% videos of Mentos/Diet Coke experiments
  • 43% copyright infringement
  • 2% the SEC's Edgar database
  • 7% Drudge-induced epileptic seizures
  • 5% the Clay Aiken Anti-Defamation league
  • 0.001% Marmaduke Explained
  • 1% that awesome Korean dude on YouTube shredding up Pachelbel's Canon
  • 9.3% lawyers obsessively blogging about pop culture
  • 59% more porn mistakenly omitted from initial tally
There's a little overlap in those numbers.

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