Friday, November 17, 2006

KIM LIKES THE GRAND ROMANTIC GESTURE: Why am I not surprised that Chandra Wilson has a lovely singing voice? My money's on the pipes of Sara Ramirez for the Very Special Christmas episode. Four things I especially liked about last night's GA:
  • Callie as the sole doctor able to get through to George's rockhead brothers
  • Every minute of the Frank and his pecs storyline, including but not limited to the Alex/Izzie pre-grand romantic gesture bonding
  • Burke and Christina's brightly empty smiles whenever confronted by George
  • The chief leaving Ellis -- again

And then there's GA's attempt to weigh in on the plight of the working mother. My thoughts on such matters usually don't find their way onto this particular blog, but I did find it interesting that of the various relationships presented, we had (a) the obsessive lawyer mom who couldn't interact with her daughter, (b) the single mom who ignored her daughter in favor of her work even during her submersion into an Alzheimer's fog, (c) the woman who chose never to have kids in light of her work, and (d) the mom who never thought to sing to her baby over the phone until she encountered a child who only wanted her nanny. Not a functional working mother-child relationship among them, although Bailey's coming closest.


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