Thursday, November 16, 2006

YOU KNOW I'M BORN TO LOSE, BUT JUST NOT AT SOCCER: In the greatest story I've read this week, and as part of my effort to shore up my stake to the ALOTT5MA pre-1990s heavy metal bureau chair, I hereby giddily report to you that Motorhead is sponsoring a youth soccer team. Great story; encourage you to read it. Let's go to my 14-year old self for a quote:
This team has the AWESOMEST theme music and the AWESOMEST jerseys.
Actually, 36-year old self, who still gets goosepimply at some of the early stuff and who remains reverent about the iconic logo, agrees. Equally awesome: a kids' soccer team is now named after a band that named itself for a slang term for "amphetamine addict."

In other news, Milton Friedman died. I'm not smart enough to eulogize him properly, but if we're posting up Gerald Levert then Uncle Milty (the monetary theorist, not the cross-dresser) deserves a mention.

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