Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE: That, I suppose, is what Bobby Petrino was thinking at some point in this first year of his coaching the Atlanta Falcons, when his star quarterback was getting fitted for black-and-white striped pajamas (literally -- Georgia actually still uses the black-and-whites), his star backup was starting and starring for the Houston Texans when healthy, and his remaining options were awful Joey Harrington and broken Byron Leftwich. So Petrino walked out, quitting after only 13 games to take the head coach job at Arkansas. Don't be surprised, though, if Arkansas partisans are saying the same thing -- "we've made a huge mistake," that is -- in the not-distant future. They hired a guy too lazy to make even a full-season's worth of effort to fix the problems with the team he agreed to coach and one too dumb to play Jerious Norwood (who leads the league in yards-per-carry among RBs with more than 20 carries, ahead even of Adrian Peterson) enough to find out if he really is the best player on the team. There are some rules that you just can't go wrong following, and alongside "don't eat fast food fish" and "never trust a man with a mustache but no beard" is "when you meet a grown man with a little boy's name, expect him to act like a little boy."

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