Monday, December 10, 2007

SO WHAT'S THE STORY WITH YOU AND JOHNNY? Mr. Cosmo just summoned me into the living room: "Close your eyes, walk in here, and prove your bona fides." I walked in, and he unpaused the TV. After a mere two measures of the intro (at most, as I was giggling after about four notes), it was time to dance and sing along:

"Come on everybody, gather round. I'm gonna show you how to (caesura) knock 'em down."

(HBO Family, right now.) Mr. Cosmo was more than a little dismayed at the depth of my knowledge.

Rather than issuing my standard clarion call for the Grease 2 love, I will instead solicit views on the following topic:

Resolved: "They can try to stop the paradise we're -- dreaming of" is the gratist caesura evir.

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