Thursday, December 13, 2007

MAKING A LIST, CHECKING IT TWICE: The Mitchell Report comes out tomorrow, also known, for those of you living in the wrong time zones, as "today." Sorry, not that Mitchell Report, this Mitchell Report. Hold it, hold it, wrong again -- this Mitchell Report. Different Mitchells. What's that? Oh, the same Mitchells. Guy gets around. Anyway, ESPN reports that it will name "as many as 80 current and former players" in connection with the use or acquisition of performance-enhancing drugs. ESPN promises that the report will be "salacious," so maybe it will have a little bit of steroids and a little bit of Stephon Marbury.

My question, prompted by the chance viewing of a photograph this week: will the list include Willie Mays? I know that picture was taken before modern steroids were synthesized, but willya look at those guns?

In conclusion, steroids, yay.

edited by Adam, 11:50am: Here's the first leaked list of names expected to be named: Albert Pujols is the big shocker.

1:45p: The media source is no longer standing behind that list.

2:15p: Here's the Report. There is no "list" -- you'll have to search through it. Many of the neames on that initial list do not appear here, including Pujols. Roger Clemens and Andy Pettite, however ...

2:47p: Deadspin does the work for you. Here's the list.

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