Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MEDIOCRE PEOPLE DO EXCEPTIONAL THINGS ALL THE TIME: Remember OK Go, the band with the great treadmill video (and the two albums of thoroughly guilty pop pleasures, which, frankly, I still have in heavy rotation)? Apparently there's a new album coming out, and for you marching band fans, the video for "This Too Shall Pass" guest-stars the Notre Dame marching band. Like the "Here it Goes Again" and "A Million Ways" videos, it's done in a single shot (though the end of the video puts the lie to any do-it-yourself-ness). Also, like everything else the band does, it has a surfeit of amiable goofiness that makes up for the lack of depth.

I should add that the music in the version on the video was recorded with the Notre Dame marching band and is different from the version on the album (which has guitars, bass, a regular drum kit, and better sound engineering, naturally).


  1. Myron4:13 PM

    Interestingly, OK Go have been having some problems with their label regarding embedding of YouTube videos.

  2. bill.4:24 PM

    Techdirt has covered this:

  3. Meghan6:52 PM

    Hmm.  Too bad it's Notre Dame's band.

  4. Oh, let's not say mean things. 

    This is the kinder, gentler, post-Weis ND with a glad-handing politics-savvy coach and a marching band doing great work as a university ambassador.  Fun video, wish they would have let them use the navy and gold, but those aren't bad.

  5. Meghan10:11 PM

    Sorry, I went to Michigan and my husband went to Cincinnati.  ND is not high on our collective lists under the best of circumstances but especially not this year.

    I'm sure you're a lovely person though.