Wednesday, March 17, 2010

AREN'T THERE ENOUGH NEIL YOUNG MOVIES ALREADY? Jonathan Demme doesn't think so, so he's made another:

Q: The cameras linger on Young's face, and his hands. You made a movie about Neil Young's face.

A: Does everybody talk about guitar face, or is that just my wife? No one gives guitar face like Neil Young. And piano face! And I love him for that. He doesn't care what he looks like. Zero ego. This is actually something he said to me: "I don't have a bad side, because I don't have a good side."

Great interview. Also includes Demme's love of Upper Darby's Tower Theater, where the concert was filmed, and his work on an animated adaptation of Dave Eggers' Zeitoun.


  1. girard316:58 AM

    Not to hijack this post, but you brought it up...After reading Zeitoun I felt that the other two guys he got picked up with had more interesting stories and was left wanting to hear more about them...I was left disappointed...

  2. Interesting.  I disagree.  I thought Zeitoun was just terrific.  I'd want to hear about the experience of the other guys too, but I'm glad to know what happened to Zeitoun.

  3. isaac_spaceman10:51 AM

    I agree with Russ that Zeitoun was terrific, but man, the two guys he was picked up with were in jail for a long time -- three or four times as long as Zeitoun -- and apparently had less of a support system when they finally got out.  It was a supremely frustrating story .

  4. At the end, I kind of wanted to go up to the first twenty-year-old in uniform with a big gun and punch him in the face.  I respect our men and women in uniform, but Zeitoun made it clear that some people just have too much power.