Thursday, March 18, 2010

TIME SUCK OF THE DAY: Every issue of Spin Magazine ever is now online for free via Google Books. Go find us something good -- a Terence Trent D'Arby cover profile? Juliana Hatfield? A 1991 New Music Preview featuring Deee-Lite, Glenn Danzig, Alice in Chains, Monie Love, Primus, Soup Dragons and "also watch for" Teenage Fanclub, Blues Traveler and Gang Starr. Oh, yes.


  1. sconstant11:38 AM

    Issue one (May 85) is pretty impressive, though incredibly scattered: time-capsule-y (Madonna, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and Stryper) but also forward-looking (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bodeans) and odd (Philip Glass and Wally George).  Plus, of course the ads, 90% of which are for beer, blank cassette tapes, or audio equipment.

  2. Alex Gordon12:29 PM

    Love the Oct. 1988 issue with the Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff on the cover featuring a primer on hip hop, including this glossary with terms like fresh, fly, def, dope, dis, yo and old school. I need to start sprinkling some of the forgotten terms into my vernacular.

  3. Joseph J. Finn12:48 PM

    So it's the Randy Jackson Phrasebook?

  4. bad dad12:55 PM


    Amazon now has Homocide: LotS THE COMPLETE SERIES for only $65.

  5. Maret1:44 PM

    Thanks, bad dad - just placed my order.

  6. isaac_spaceman2:18 PM

    I initially read this as "every issue of Spy," and I was pretty excited. 

  7. I'm sorry if you're not interested in reliving the moment when Urban Dance Squad represented the future of sound.

  8. patricia4:33 PM

    This November 1995 issue has a fascinating series of articles on "The Future Of..." several different things (music, sex, fear, etc.).  It's framed as "the 21st century is coming; we predict what it will hold."  It's interesting to view it through the lens of what has actually happened.

    Also, looking through these covers from the mid-90s is like revisiting my college years and realizing that I really was pretty in-touch with current culture at the time.  Maybe not before or since, but for a brief shining moment, I knew what was cool when it was actually still cool.

  9. patricia4:58 PM

    Also of note from that same issue, a review of the Weezer single "Say It Ain't So" that called it fake grunge, i.e. "scrunge."  In a collection of reviews of singles that reverently invokes Pearl Jam 5 times and Nirvana 4 times (in a single page!), the disdain for the artists profiled (which also include Foo Fighters and Garbage) is kind of hilarious, knowing where Weezer in particular has ended up.

    OMG, this is such a time waster.  I guess I can't say I wasn't warned.

  10. bill.5:46 PM

    Spy would be nice. I'd also like to see Omni online.

  11. I think they should complete the presence by offering an e-certificate for one free condom with downloads of the early issues.

  12. Paul Tabachneck2:39 PM

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