Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FLOWERS? As the old story goes, a tourist was once walking around in a small town in the Czech Republic and noticed a little store with a bunch of watches and clocks hanging in the window. The tourist walked in and asked, "Can you please fix my watch?"

The man behind the counter quickly responded "Sorry, but I don't repair watches." The tourist was confused. "You don't repair watches? But I saw all the watches and clocks in the window. What is this store?"

"I'm a mohel," the store owner quickly responded, puzzling the tourist even further. "If you are a mohel," he asked, "then why do you have watches hanging in the store front?"

"Well," he explained, "What do you want me to put in the window?"

And that's the story which came to mind when seeing today's Philadelphia Daily News article on "vaginal rejuvenation" surgery and its accompanying illustration.

added, relatedish: Our old friend Alex ("T-Muffle") Balk, on some newfangled tampon ad. (via @anamariecox)


  1. Meghan3:15 PM

    They could have at least used a Georgia O'Keefe painting.

  2. Alas, web version just has Dr. Baldy, arms folded, so I'm missing the apparent metaphor.

  3. There was no metaphor, just his scowling bald picture. That's the point.  How is that face supposed to attract you to reading the story?

  4. That mohel story predates the Czech Republic, fwiw.  And how assimilated are you that you used "Well" in the punchline instead of the critical "Nu?"  A shanda!

  5. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Maybe his bald head is a metaphor for the penis, in this case the penis that somehow enters the rejuvenated and prettified vagina???