Thursday, March 18, 2010

MOVEMENT OF JAH PEOPLE: From Tuesday through March 29, a bunch of rabbis are tweeting the Exodus.

The WSJ has more on this and other efforts to modernize Passover.


  1. Marsha11:09 AM

    We have, in fact, sung "There's No Seder Like Our Seder" at our seder. And likely will again this year. 'Cause we're big honkin' dorks. And we like it that way!

  2. Genevieve9:59 AM

    We have toy plagues (like we haul out every frog toy we've ever owned, including Kermit, and toss them around when the plague of frogs is mentioned).  And after reading that article, I'm seriously considering having the kids build Lego pyramids.  (Also, on searching "Lego" and "pyramid," I learned that Playmobil has a whole Egyptian line of what I was not aware.  If the kiddo had not become thoroughly committed to the Way of The Lego, and disdainful of Playmobil, I would buy a chariot set.)