Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A CONVERSATION BETWEEN A NARRATOR AND HIS SOON-TO-BE-EX-GIRLFRIEND: He rushed in, barely late, but she had already taken a table and summoned a drink. He slid in across from her and braced himself.

She had been preparing her speech for some time now, he could see that, so he spoke first, to unbalance her. "I know," he said.

Her eyes narrowed. "I just can't count on you," she said.

"Christ, I know," he sighed.

She measured her words, paying them out slowly. "You said you'd be different."

He rolled his eyes.

A moment later, she glanced at him -- undetected, she thought -- as he left. Now it's a pattern, she thought. Three in a row.

And then she was lonely and bitter for the rest of her sad, small life.


  1. Mr. Cosmo10:35 PM

    Excerpt of early FanLit based on Fly Away Home?

  2. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Shortest. Raymond Carver story. Evir?

  3. Adam C.11:49 PM

    Guest was me.

  4. Joseph Finn12:16 AM

    And that's why Iris West never married Barry Allen.

  5. Awesome!  Man, I miss Iris and Barry. Fortunately,  I just finished filling in the last 75 issues of Barry Allen Flash, and hope to be rereading them soon.  My 7 yo is going through my complete run of Firestorm now, and so that's the first series from my youth I'm rereading.  I always told my wife I'd eventually be reading those comics again...just had to wait for the kids to get old enough to make it a family activity.

  6. isaac_spaceman1:18 AM

    Just a dumb joke I was working on in the gym.  No fanfic here.