Friday, March 19, 2010

EVER HEARD OF IT? Congratulations to the Cornell Big Red, the first Ivy League men's basketball team to win in the NCAA Tournament since the Goodrich/Lewullis/Earl-led Princeton Tigers entered the tournament as a #5 seed in 1998.

Complaints about your busted brackets may be lodged here.

added: The Gus Johnson Soundboard.


  1. Tony H.9:32 PM

    My bracket is busted.  This is me complaining about it.

  2. At the moment, getting 21/24 right has four members of our group in the top 99.1% nationally.  Wow.

  3. Maggie9:40 PM

    My bracket is so busted that our family pool is currently being led by a 6 month fetus (whose mother picked all upsets in the first year we've had bonus points for seed differential) and a 3 week old baby (whose dad is an alum of Ohio U).

  4. sconstant9:53 PM

    I couldn't prod my husband into making my bracket for the office pool, and I didn't want to seem like a doofus, so I quietly entered with Obama's bracket.  He and I are doing pretty well, excepting Georgetown in the elite eight and Marquette winning their second game (instead of losing their first).  21 out of 27 so far including those two issues. 

  5. Less Frequent Amy10:17 PM

    My sister's undergrad alma mater amongst others busted my bracket.  But I am happy to report that I was able whip out all of my jokes about the spider as a mascot.  Amusingly (at least to my father and I) my sister got her MBA from Penn and went from being a Spider to a Quaker.  Fearsome team nicknames clearly not being a priority in her academic choices. 

  6. Ugh. Double ugh.

  7. The Pathetic Earthling11:55 PM

    Right now, Cal is winning and St. Mary's -- a college just 2.5 miles from our house (and where our awesome baby sitter goes) won an NCAA tournament for the first time in 50ish years -- so, since I mostly don't care about all this, Go Bears (and Gaels!).

    Plus, I love a ridiculous upset, like Murray State.  

  8. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Hello. And Bye.

  9. Devin McCullen1:24 AM

    I mentioned this on Twitter, but at the moment I'm tied with the bracket my sister did that was based entirely on which school was closer to the Great Lakes.  (Marquette over Oakland in the final.) 

  10. GoldnI1:34 AM

    Uh, my bracket's not busted, because I kept the faith in my alma mater.

    GO BIG RED!  

  11. My big bust is Georgetown, which I had to the Elite Eight.  Perfect in the East, and just missed Butler beating UTEP in the West.

  12. Anonymous11:17 AM

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  13. isaac_spaceman12:18 PM

    Never should have bet against the Huskies. 

  14. Genevieve12:50 PM

    The kiddo picked Murray State, so right now he's top in his pool.  But he has nowhere to go but down, given some of the teams he picked to go far who are now out of it.

  15. isaac_spaceman3:23 PM

    You know what?  I'm at work, I'd kind of rather not be here right now, but I can get completely fired up by using the Gus Johnson soundboard in a particular combination -- the catch/fires/banks it/ohhhh.  Try it -- I guarantee it will work. 

  16. bad dad4:25 PM

    Plus Cornell will also be in the NCAA hockey tournament - only 16 teams. The Frozen Four is at Ford Field in Detroit in three weeks for those that win their regionals.

    So whoever wins the NCAA hockey tournament will have as many wins in that building in three days (two) as the Detroit Lions have managed in two years.

    Michigan needs to win the CCHA final tonight to get in. GO BLUE!!!

  17. Meghan7:09 PM

    Go Blue!  We need that badly.

    No congratulations for Cornell.  We've got Owls in the family.

  18. Three words. 
    Nor.  Thern.  Iowa.

  19. Stevie8:08 PM

    I was feeling pretty smug about choosing St. Marys, but my championship game in my pool was Kansas and New go Northern Iowa. (Actually: Go Badgers! Hail to thee, our alma mater!)

  20. J. Bowman8:32 PM

    Okay, now my bracket is busted.

  21. isaac_spaceman9:32 PM


  22. Genevieve11:26 PM

    On Bucky! On Bonnie!

  23. Stacie from St. Louis9:28 AM

    I'm originally from Louisville (busted) which is in Kentucky (go Wildcats!).

  24. isaac_spaceman12:35 PM

    Stacie is a peace ambassador.  We should send her to heal the Duke-NC rift. 

  25. Kitty C9:47 PM

    Dad went to Cornell. Isn't it more a marroon colour?