Monday, March 15, 2010

HI, WE'RE THE REPLACEMENTS: In conjunction with tonight's induction ceremonies, the Boston Herald's Ira Kantor lists the 15 most egregious omissions from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, an interesting (Heart, The Commodores, Neil Diamond) but more mainstream list than the list of 25 deserving non-inductees we posted in January 2009.


  1. isaac_spaceman9:35 PM

    Funny, I read the new list and thought, "the only names on there that I really think need to be in a proper RRHOF are Randy Newman and Tom Waits," and then I looked at the older list and those were two of the overlap.  Motorhead has an interesting case, which is not to say an overwhelming case.  But it doesn't matter.  This is a HOF that is like paste:  it has neither taste nor an appealing consistency.   

  2. bill.9:48 PM

    Absolution is out of the question
    It makes no sense to apologize
    The words I thought I brought I left behind,
    So never mind
    All over but the shouting, just a waste of time
    Never mind

  3. That guy loses a lot of credibility when he compares (favorably) Heart to Led Zepplin and Def Leppard to Black Sabbath.  Yikes.

  4. I was really hoping that Laura Nyro would make it in on the first try. I think she's tremendously talented, yet severely underrated, and getting into the HOF would be nice, even though it's all Jann Wenner's Political Show these days.

    I cannot believe that Randy Newman isn't in, yet. That seems egregious. Same goes for Neil Diamond. I expect to see Heart, Nilsson, and the Commodores in sometime soon. Tom Waits should be in for sure, but he might be too "weird."

  5. kevbo nobo7:22 AM

    Scheme to get Tom Waits in- have someone sing "Jersey Girl" on AI.

  6. Watts9:39 AM

    Since Joseph Finn hasn't said it yet, that list is only complete because it includes Rush.

  7. Joseph J. Finn10:53 AM

    Wait, KISS?  Really?  Severe points for including Laura Nyro, though.

    And Watts is way ahead of me.

  8. isaac_spaceman4:25 PM

    That song is like six minutes long, right? I don't think you could even do one verse and one chorus within the 90-second limitation, unless you sped it up like you were on meth.

  9. Anonymous4:17 AM

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