Thursday, April 19, 2012

10 IP 7 H 0 R 0 ER 0 BB 7 K (102 PITCHES): That's supposed to be enough to win, right?

And he wanted to pitch the 11th.  First time in eighteen years a pitcher has thrown ten shutout innings and lost.


  1. The Pathetic Earthling10:06 AM

    Unless the other guy pitches: 9.0 IP 2 H 0 R 0 ER 1 BB 4 K (91 PITCHES).  Go Giants!

  2. Benner10:13 AM

    One of the worst nights in Philly sports history.

  3. If the Flyers were down in the series, or up 3-2, yes.  But it's still 3-1, and I've given up on the 76ers. I would've brought Lucy to a playoff game if I felt better about the team, but why take her to see a team down 0-2 in a series go down again?

  4. isaac_spaceman11:01 AM

    I left the office last night at 10:40 and was surprised by how many really drunk, really giddy Giants fans there were on the street.  After 8:00, the trains are usually empty; last night, the BART platform was packed and excited.  It was the most crowded train I have ever been on outside of Japan, and people were only too happy to let me push through when we got to my stop (person on train: "hug it up real nice, he gotta get off").  It's a pretty neat feeling to have no information at all about an event but nonetheless to know just from the atmosphere that it was something special. 

    By the way, 10 innings, 102 pitches is a pretty f'ing amazing line, no matter what is in between those numbers. 

  5. Benner11:01 AM

    I could only listen to the game on radio -- this being the two weeks of every year I become fanatical versus oblivious to hockey -- and it seemed every flaw the flyers have was exposed. The goal keeping can't be that bad again (can it?), but the penalty kill cant handle an in-form Malkin and the refs won't let them breathe on Crosby. Still, they could drop the next three unless Bryz gets mentally there (and he's a nutcase) and play old-time Flyers hockey -- dump the puck and crash the boards. Pittsburgh is not as tough and they are more or less a one line team (though Neal has been good this series). This is '72, the Pens are the Soviets and we are Team Canada. Only the Soviets weren't as evil and had more advanced fashion sense than the Yinzers. One game and hope Ottawa can take care of the blue shirts, the Flyers could make at least the conference finals. Despite totally sucking at the blue line and taking pointless misconduct penalties they can probably win the cup if Vancouver also gets eliminated. And then trade Briere for a decent defenseman either way.

    If you don't mind your child's ears, game 6 could be lots of fun.

  6. I meant Sixers playoffs; no way I would take an eight-year-old to a Flyers playoff game.  A bit too intense.

  7. From a Fantasy Baseball perspective, I really appreciated Lee's stats from last night.  It helps offset Mat Latos' 8 ER in 5.2 IP.

    As for hockey, both the Penguins AND the Canucks are still down 3-1, and the odds of ONE of the teams, never mind both, making the next round are pretty slim, so I'm pretty happy about that.  (I've still got Stanley Cup Victory Afterglow from last year, so the most important thing about this year's playoffs is that the Canucks NOT win.)

  8. littleredyarn11:45 AM

    It was one brutal night for the home teams. Glad I was in bed by 9:30. 

  9. Benner11:46 AM

    That was tongue in cheek.

    Check out a UNION game, though. They won't be in the playoffs.

  10. bristlesage12:55 PM

    A's fan reporting:  Also, the Bartolo Colon thing, what the hell?!

  11. isaac_spaceman2:19 PM

    I don't think it should count for your consecutive-strikes streak if it's a ball in play.  I guess you could call it "consecutive pitches without a ball," but I've seen some pound-the-zone pitchers get shelled, and it's not like they're all "woo hoo, great outing!"  A 38-pitch streak with 10 balls in play is just not a 38-strike streak.  And he only had one swinging strike in that stretch.  Swinging strikes aren't everything, but they are a pretty good indicator of whether it's the pitcher or the batters causing the performance.  I look at Colon's whole line and I see a guy who pounded the zone and a surprisingly weak Angels lineup helping him out a lot by putting the ball on the grass and not swinging in the zone.  Effective, and something you can work with out of a middle-rotation starter, but definitely not better than Cliff Lee on the same night.  [macro insert argument about pitcher wins/losses]

  12. bristlesage2:28 PM

    Oh, I agree, I just think it's fun.  Meaningless, basically--I mean, he's still Bartolo Colon--but fun (and I'll take my fun where I can get it for this season).  Like so much of baseball, you have to get lucky for things like this, for things like perfect games and scoreless innings streaks, hitting streaks, whatever.  The Lee/Cain duel was a much better show of actual athletic prowess on display.

  13. Devin McCullen4:49 PM

    Going to the Devils-Panthers game tonight.  No matter what happens, it has to turn out better than the last Devils playoff game I went to (Game 7 vs. Carolina)