Monday, November 17, 2014

DON'T YOU HAVE AN ENGLAND TO RUN?  Thanks to one of you, I have a birthday present to ourselves to give, because short of NPH eating fermented whale meat after singing a Billy Joel song during an a capella singing competition in order to qualify himself for EGOT, nothing really says ALOTT5MA like a new-to-me hatin' on Love Actually:
Everything in this movie is fucking insane. That's not how press conferences work. That's not how diplomacy works. That's not how prime ministers work. NOTHING IS HOW ANYTHING WORKS. That's not how weddings work, that's not how audio recording works, that's not how saxophones work, that's not how hair works, that's not how business meetings work, that's not how art works, that's not how grief works, that's not how primary school Christmas concerts work, that's not how airports work, that's not how music charts work, that's not how fat works, and none of it is how "love works."


  1. Joseph Finn10:41 PM

    Because when I think of "movies I look to for realism and a psuedo-documentary feel," Love Actually comes to mind.

  2. That was epic. Can't even try to pick my favorite line, because there were about 20 that made me crack up. Also, someone needs to make Hostile Work Environment.

  3. bellawilfer3:21 PM

    Seconded. I am dying laughing over here.

  4. Benner5:24 PM

    All of that is true, but what I keep coming back to is that Billy Bob Thornton is probably to short to be elected President.

  5. AndreaJ9:40 PM

    I am laughing so hard right now I am ACTUALLY crying. I haven't even finished it yet and I love it!