Tuesday, November 18, 2014

THE ANSWER IS "NO":  Sure, it was quite overplayed, but Magic's "Rude" is a terrific little tune - with the added advantage that unlike so much of pop song-writing these days, it has a little story buried within.  It's inspired many terrific covers -- I think Walk Off the Earth's is by far superior to the original -- and is deserving of a long life as a bit of the Anglo-Australia-American-Canadian pop songbook.

But I am trying to understand how anyone thinks that it mixes at all well as a dance tune.  I don't think Jim Croce's Operator would work as a roof-raising club anthem, nor Don McLean's Vincent, nor Jimmy Buffett's Miss You So Badly.  I know I'm not the intended audience, but this is a little incongruous, no?


  1. bill.9:43 PM

    I think that's just a bad remix. It's danceable as is and shouldn't be as difficult to mix as something like Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner."

  2. bellawilfer1:15 PM

    Unrelated to remixing, Rude is totally sing-along-able until you listen to the lyrics. WHAT IF THAT GIRL DOESN'T WANT TO MARRY YOU, DUDE?

  3. Marsha1:28 PM

    I never got the impression that she didn't want to marry him, only that her daddy doesn't like him. (Of course, we only get his side of the story.)

  4. bellawilfer1:31 PM

    I would be way more into the song if there were any mention of how she's totally down to get married too and this isn't just one dude claiming possession of a woman from another dude.

  5. Adam C.3:46 PM