Friday, November 21, 2014

FORMER DIME-STORE MIMBO MAKES GOOD:  A Fallon/Krasinski/Merchant-produced Lip Sync Battle: The Series will hit Spike TV this spring.  [It is v. difficult to pick between Merchant, JGL, Paul Rudd, and Emma Stone as the best competitor to date.]


  1. LouWainwright12:14 PM

    While I've really enjoyed the recurring bit, I'm skeptical it can support a 30 minute show, let alone a series. That said, I'm sure they'll be moments of brilliance that I'll gladly watch on YouTube (just as I do will Fallon). Also, I don't think it's difficult to rank the participants. Stone for the win, JGL a close second.

  2. Joseph Finn1:23 PM

    It's the only good part of the show, except for the occasional children instruments bit, so why not. Just cancel the Fallon show and replace it with this.