Monday, November 17, 2014

SEVEN IMMEDIATE REACTIONS TO THE NEW #BANDAID30 SINGLE:  To which you can listen here, annotated here:

  • That is one front-loaded first stanza in terms of contemporary talent.
  • Why so sad, Sam Smith?
  • I like that they changed Bono's line. I don't like what they changed it to.
  • As long as you're changing lyrics, this isn't a hunger crisis and we're not trying to Feeeeed the wooorrrrld, so why not use "heal the world"?
  • There are three fewer members of Kool and the Gang than in the original.
  • Indeed, would it have killed them to invite Sting? George Michael? (Were they that busy, what with the inevitably doomed seafaring musical and whatever Michael's working on?)
  • Band Aid 20 is worse.


  1. Joseph Finn12:52 PM

    #8: why?

  2. Christy in Philly2:25 PM

    That is seriously morbid.

  3. mikeski2:55 PM

    No Dan Aykroyd = no sale.

  4. Jordan2:57 PM

    I hate this song. Hate it hate it hate it. Do they know it's Christmas in Western Africa? Well, depending on which count you use, it's between 2/3 and 3/4 Muslim, so do they care? With the exception of Liberia, Christianity is often the number #3 religion in these countries. Nice to see that British well-intensioned colonialist attitudes still exist. Also nice to bring out my college minor once in a while.

  5. Could they have... I don't know, written a new song? Like "Christmas is Actually Less Of A Thing Now But Hunger Isn't and We Should Get On That?"

  6. Jenn C4:12 PM

    Oh..that's what Bastille looks like. Huh.

  7. Jenn C4:13 PM

    I would buy that song.

  8. Marsha10:07 AM

    You're just the guy to write it, Paul. Get started.

  9. Nigel from Cameroon3:31 PM


  10. Nigel from Cameroon3:32 PM

    Perhaps it balances the well-intentioned jihadist ?