Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ZIP CODE, FARGO NORTH DAKOTA:  People has an interview with one of the many professionals that man the Butterball Hotline.  This, of course, requires the appropriate clip.  (Also, just me, or has The Newsroom actually gotten really good, in large part because Maggie is no longer the dumbest person imaginable?)


  1. Also the American Test Kitchen Radio interviews the hotline director

  2. The ATK interview was quite good. In general (for ATK fans/haters), I find Chris to be much better on the podcast than he is on TV. Somehow the audio format suits him better. On TV, he just comes off as obnoxious most of the time.

  3. Marsha1:26 PM

    There are more quotable lines in that West Wing clip than most shows get in their entire runs.
    "Joe Bethersonton. That's with one t and an h in there."
    "Not to be confused with Preuter Way or Preuter Lane..."
    "The personal sous chef to the king of..." (Toby raises his hand) " sales. Phil Baharnd. That man can sell a car like..."
    "That was excellent. We should do that every week."
    "How do I cook it without killing my guests? I'm not saying that's a dealbreaker...."
    Etc, etc, etc.

  4. Marsha1:27 PM

    And someone here is still watching The Newsroom? Huh.

  5. I'm still watching it, out of something between habit and hate-watching. It appears that out of desperation and the end of the series, Sorkin is trying something new and giving his female characters brains and rational behavior (Besides Jane Fonda, of course, who was always the sharpest knife in the drawer).

    By the way, about a month ago, I showed a clip from The Purple Rose of Cairo to my class studying magical realism. An immediate response: "Hey, it's the guy from The Newsroom!"

  6. It's also been nice to see the semi-random parade of guest stars--Kat Dennings! Mary McCormack! Paul Lieberstein! Marcia Gay Harden! (Also, biggest surprise continues to be Olivia Munn.)

  7. bill.7:57 PM

    that "personal sous chef" line always bothered me. So he knows the guy who's second in charge of the kitchen? Sure, being the sous chef can be a big deal in the right kitchen, but it's not the same as knowing the personal executive chef to the king.