Wednesday, September 29, 2010

GEORGE HAMILTON, YOU'RE LIKE A WALKING TUMOR ... NOT EXACTLY -- IT'S A BIG DEAL WHEN YOU SPOT A TUMOR:  Comedian Greg Giraldo, 44, has died from what's being described as an accidental drug overdose.  He was best known for his appearances on the Comedy Central roasts, but also of note?  Father of three, and an alum of Harvard Law School, from which he then went to Skadden NYC. One year later, he decided he'd rather spend his life doing something other than document review:
Snowed under a mountain of documents one evening at work, Greg reached into his bottom desk drawer and found that notebook of jokes. This is insane, he thought, paging through Back Stage for the listing of clubs that sponsored open-mike nights. Later that night, and nights after, people laughed at material he'd written, which Greg figured to be about the greatest feeling in the world. He became acquainted with an important moment, the moment that happens when you're doing what you're meant to be doing. Not long after, he quit the law. Once people laugh at your jokes, he thought, there's no doing law.


  1. As a currently unemployed recent law school grad, my self-centered reaction upon hearing this sad news was, "Well, at least I'm not a comedian."

  2. sconstant12:31 AM

    First became a fan when he was on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn.  Sigh.

  3. His poor kids.

  4. girard3111:30 AM

    There always seems to be something dark bubbling just under the surface of good comedians. It almost seems to be what drives them. Giraldo didn't seem like he had that. He seemed so affable and easy going. I guess you really never know.

  5. Meghan4:07 PM

    Just really sad.

  6. Jim Bell5:07 PM

    He made me laugh, and not many comedians do.  May he RIP.