Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I WILL ALWAYS WAG MY FINGER IN YOUR FACE: I have much less to say about tonight's Survivor than Fienberg did.  Just a strategic note: you only need individual immunity when your tribe is looking to get rid of you, and it can only protect you once.  Those who win the game do so because they end up receiving more of the jurors' votes than their competition, and that requires a different set of skills than what we saw after tonight's challenge.

Tonight's the first night which makes me wonder if I'll last the whole season.  It's not yet compelling, but I'll stick around for a bit more.

added:  Probst wasn't a fan of last night either: "Okay let’s get to it – the thing that is really bothering me today. It’s you, Naonka. I am so torn over what I saw in last night’s episode. You KNOCKED DOWN A WOMAN WITH AN ARTIFICIAL LEG! ON PURPOSE! SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE YOU KNEW THAT WOULD THROW HER OFF BALANCE SO YOU COULD STEAL A CLUE THAT SHE FOUND FIRST! Whew. That felt good. I feel better already."


  1. Adam C.7:27 AM

    Marty's move is exactly the way to put a giant target on your back among your tribe. He's being too aggressive too early - classic Survivor misplay. Everyone else went along to get along, but soon enough, the blowback will come.

  2. It is really damn hard, though, to win the game as a male strategic leader.  You're better off being the well-liked challenge winner.

  3. Dan Suitor5:37 PM

    If anything, I think we've seen the Remora strategy pay off time and again. A player with a distinct weakness (be it lack of ability in the challenges or likability) latches onto a dominant player, rides them to the final three, and then wins because they never had to go out on a limb or expose themself to get there. They reap the benefits of the dominant player's dirty work without getting too much of the blame.

    Usually it requires a degree of strategic ability in order to deflect blame/form relationships/leave good impressions with the others while still sticking with their meal ticket, but this is definitely something "Survivor" has seen again and again.

  4. bella wilfer8:17 PM

    Dan, I don't know if that's always the case.  I think a lot of times the coattail rider wins by not having to have been the bad guy, but the dominant player often screws himself by being a jerk (cf: Russell Hantz).  When the dominant player is NOT a jerk, he often gets the reward he deserves (cf: Yul/Pearl Island, Earl/Fiji).  

  5. bella wilfer8:18 PM

    Unless you're Colby. ;)