Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TYRA FAIL!  Okay, it's Aussie host Sarah Murdoch, but via the live Down Under's Next Top Model Cycle 6 finale we find out why they make sure the U.S. finale (a) is taped and (b) confirms the name of the winner of a tv screen.

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  1. Meghan9:13 AM

    Jezebel did a great analysis of the facial expressions on the parties involved.  Somehow, when I watched it, I felt like it was staged though.  Which would be really mean.

    I did like that the host, in proper Tyra fashion, made it all about her and ended up having the wrong winner comfort her over the mistake, rather than consoling the young woman who had the title handed to her and snatched away.  And then, as an afterthought, the true winner gets to give herself a paltry little "woo!"  What a total trainwreck.